La. ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill Goes Into Effect — The Root

Louisiana passes controversial Act 184, known as the "Blue Lives Matter" bill.


Well that escalated quickly. A few quick notes before the article from The Root.

#1. Extinguishing someone’s life, especially as retribution, is not acceptable. Therefore, the recent murders of those law enforcement officers are not acceptable.

#2. The fight against “unpunished injustice” isn’t the murder of those officers (they literally blew one guy up…which is an issue for a different day). It’s the murders of #AltonSterling, #PhilandoCastile, #KorrynGaines, etc.

#3. When your state passes a bill about #1 in mere weeks, but won’t even address #2, we’re all losing. “Gee, the public is complaining about police overreach and militarization, saying they have too much power and discretion, with no accountability. Let’s raise the stakes a bit, shall we?”…

Louisiana’s “Blue Lives Matter” bill went into effect Monday, making it a hate crime to intentionally harm a police officer or first responder because of his or her uniform, KSLA reports. As the station notes, the bill, formally called Act 184, is the first of its kind and was officially signed into law by Gov. John…

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